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Philip and Tiffany Rivers are truly a story of faith and determination.  Both raised in Decatur, Alabama, Philip and Tiffany met in grade school and married in Philip's second year of college at NC State.  From the inception of their relationship they made their faith the center and foundation.  Family, faith, and football is a phrase commonly used to describe Philip.

Together Philip and Tiffany have established the Rivers of Hope Foundation with the mission to help unwanted, abandoned and orphaned children find permanent loving homes. They pray that these children may find their own sense of self-worth and that future and current parents be open to life regardless of the situation. Currently Philip and Tiffany live in San Diego, CA with their six children. They are reminded daily of how important a family unit is and continue to welcome and embrace all God has in store for them and thank God for their many blessings. 

They also know that there are over 510,000 children in the U.S. foster care system right now; 129,000 of these children are available for adoption today. These unwanted children face long term foster care and years of neglect. Every year, 20% of children exit foster care at age 18 without an adoptive family.  Statistically, these 18 year olds have little hope of finding their way out of the welfare 'system'.  

The Rivers of Hope Foundation was formed to give hope.  Hope for kids yet born, those 'stuck' in the foster care system, and hope for qualified couples waiting to be parents.  It is our intention to bring hope, information and other means necessary to bring children into a family unit.... some for the very first time.  

In less than three years, Rivers of Hope has pledged and donated more than $1 miillion to projects and programs helping foster children. It currently operates eight major programs in San Diego County. These include the Field of Hope at San Pasqual Academy, a brand new athletic field for the nation’s first residential school for foster children; the Heart Gallery, a photographic exhibit designed to find forever families for children in the foster care system; the Rivers of Hope Birthday Club, which provides gift cards to foster children on their birthdays; and the Something Special Fund, which helps foster kids get items and experiences they may not otherwise afford, such as a prom dress or tuition to a Summer camp. Rivers of Hope also funds Camp Connect, a camp reuniting siblings separated in the foster care system. In 2012 Philip became the television spokesperson for San Diego’s Voices for Children, a program which provides foster kids with court-appointed special advocates (CASA’s).  Also in 2012, the Philip initiated the Rivers of Hope’s Bridges to Success program at Just In Time For Foster Youth, program that helps kids aging out of foster care become self-sufficient.  Finally, the Rivers of Hope Foundation supports the Angels Foster Family Network, providing  babies and toddlers in the system with quality foster care by recruiting adults to consider fostering-to-adopt.  

The Rivers of Hope Foundation is a
501(c)3 public foundation charity.  

EIN # 27-1221720